The Beauty Of Life

These boxes that surround society keeps everyone in certain groups. You talk this way, you look this way, and you sound this way to this box you go. Now everyone lives life in the confines of these social and truly imaginary boxes. Scared of leaving the box you have been assigned too, the wrath of stepping outside of your box would be too strong. The Beauty Of Life is destroyed with the existence of these social boxes. The ability to be absolutely your true self and reach your fullest potential. People lose belief. Lose belief that they will ever leave these boxes and become their true self. Knowing that they’re unable to show they’re truest form of self, people fall victim to the labels and stereotypes that the boxes represent. The Beauty Of Life died with creation of these societal boxes. The ability to be the truest form of yourself died with the creation of the boxes. The chance to be truly FREE died with the creation these boxes.


Don’t try to fit into boxes, be yourself. Wear the beauty of life on your sleeve.

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