No Indictment In Tamir Rice Case : The Message Is Clear

The “police officer”/ race soldier that executed 12 year old Tamir Rice in cold blood on video will not face jail time or an indictment for a trial in court. Am I shocked, not one bit, sadly I expected this outcome. This case was ignored for over a year and the prosecutor was full of shit, to the least. The prosecutor clearly didn’t want to indict this race soldier. This 12 year old boy was executed on video!!!! Then in death he was blamed for his own death. Two seconds, yes Two seconds! The time this “police officer” exited his car and shot this boy. Two seconds. The message was sent and it’s very clear to see the message. Black people we can kill your children on video and get away with it. And what can you do about it to stop the legalized lynchings? Nothing, absolutely nothing. This is the history of the country, the cycle is a seemingly endless cycle. Emmett Till, George Stinney, Trayvon Martin, and now Tamir Rice. Black children lynched without any justice. The message is very clear…. you don’t matter to them, never did, never will. A very and evil message, but true nonetheless.

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