Steve Harvey & The Miss Universe Pageant

Did Steve Harvey make a mistake on a pointless Miss Universe Pageant or kill someone? Just checking because from the news you would think he raped or killed someone. People losy their minds ovee his mistake, like really, find something worthy being angry over.

Let me say this, I don’t like Steve Harvey because I think he’s a coon and talked shit about black people on television. By “forgiving” Paula Dean and saying he doesn’t care about the history of slavery. But let this be a lesson for Steve and all the coons, them white folks don’t love you. You’re a tool, buffer, that one black friend.

Steve Harvey faced criticism from Columbians on Twitter for announcing the runner-up as the winner. Even coons are not safe from being called the n-word, so stop the cooning! The same white people that are laughing and being mad at Harvey, where loving him before. They waited for you Steve to make one mistake, now you’re a nigger to them again. And the same Columbians that are criticising Harvey, love to quote MLK when they racist things said towards them. Steve Harvey this is how they treat a coon, stop the coonin’! 


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