My Opinion Of R. Kelly & Huff Post

Yesterday R. Kelly went on Huffington Post Live to promote his new album, The Buffet. The journalist proceeded to talk about Kelly’s past accusations of sexual assault. Kelly then asked why she continuesly kept bringing uo his past in questions. R. Kelly then correctly checked the disrespectful British journalist, by telling her he was not there for a deposition.

This was a simple case of selective outrage with R. Kelly. Everytime that Kelly puts out a new album or goes to a public performance, they bring this up. When Kelly went on SNL with Lady Gaga, and danced closely with her, they brought up his past. If you’re going to be mad at someone for something so “horrible” be mad at the person consistently, not just when he is heavily in the public eye.

Shout out to R. Kelly, keep doing your thing.

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