Missouri : Controlling Their Slaves

This past Friday legislation was proposed in Missouri, it stated that if college players in Missouri refused to play for any other reason than health problems their scholarship would be revoked. This is no surprise that it comes not to long after the Missouri college football players planned a boycott and got the president released. This is a direct reaction to that boycott, because Missouri doesn’t want the threat of losing that much money again. 


Missouri was going to lose millions of dollars when the black college players boycotted. This is simply the state of Missouri controlling their slaves. This proposal is meant to control black college players, and stop them from standing up against racism and white supremacy. White supremacy doesn’t take losses lightly, and this is evidence of that. You have a modern day slave plantation revolt, and the master makes sure that a revolt doesn’t occur again by changing laws. This is white supremacy nothin more, nothing less, and modern day slavery.

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