Witness : San Bernardino Shooters Were White Males

Last week news broke that a mass shooting occurred in San Bernardino, California. More information came out that the shooters were connected to the Islamic terrorist group Isis. But according to eye witnessess the shooters were actually not Middle Eastern, but white males. 


So it turns out according to suspects that the shooters were 3 white males. Dressed in all black attire and tall, they described the shooters. But who will the masses of people believe? The agenda has already been set, the shooters were two Middle Easterrn people, a male and female who were apart of Isis. But why would the masses believe the actual witnessess that were present? This just shows the condition of America. Dismiss the witnessess account of the shooting and the media when they say Isis was responsible. America and the massess hate the truth, and hate the truth even more when the truth will change every stereotype about certain groups.

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