Below The Heavens, Above Hell

Born naked below the heavens and above hell. Taught to believe that the heavens were in the sky, but all along they were inside the mind. Taught to believe that hell was for those who didn’t repent, but all along it was the tragedies in the present. Hoping he wouldn’t join the sinners in the eternal flames of hell. Died as naked as he was born, but still thinking he was going to a paradise in the sky. Waiting for his sweet piece of pie in the afterlife, ignoring the sweet pie of life. Heaven a fantasy, and hell a fallacy. Heaven artificially created to reward those who survived the evil of the world. Hell artificially created to punish those whose perpetuated the evil of the world. The heavens are simply the mind and heart, hell is simply the trials of life. Those who don’t reach for their heaven, stay stuck below the heavens for eternity.

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