Stripped Of Pride

No self confidence, no self concept, and no self worth. Taught to hate yourself and everyone that looks like you. You were stripped of your pride. Stripped of what made you love the reflection you saw in the mirror. Now you hate to look in the mirror, in fear of seeing what you were forced to hate. Now you hate your features and your face. You don’t even know why you hate yourself. Indirectly told by society that everything that you physically posses is ugly, worthless, and useless. From the lips of society, these lies have stripped your pride. Now that you’re told everything about you is ugly, you tirelessly attempt to change to your features. But even in changing your features the acceptance from society still escapes you. Self hate has stripped you of your pride. Your self hate shows itself in your words, shows itself in your altered physically appearance. In changing all that was said to be ugly by society, you still fall short of your goal of acceptance. Lost in the world, constantly looking for acceptance, and stripped of your pride. Instead of looking for love from society, if only you knew to love yourself first.


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