The Forgotten God

After his daily reading he puts down the Bible. He feels just as lost after his reading as he was before his daily religious reading. This has become somewhat of routine for him, reading the book but feeling as though god had abandoned him. God had left him to feel lost, clueless, and hopeless. “If you really exsist show yourself, help me, save me.” Every night he gets on his knees and prays to a god he doesn’t even believe exsists. But he’s become addicted to the Bible and his nightly prayer. He’s a fiend to the idea of god, just like a drug head who can’t seem to let go of that pipe. His drug was god, when reading the word of god he was high. A dangerous high, a high that he loved and despised at the same time. He loved the idea of god but despised the fact that he couldn’t physically see or talk to god. This love-hate relationship continued until one important day. One day he looked himself in the mirror, deep into his soul. What he found in the reflection of the mirror was The Forgotten God. He found the god he forgot to love, the god he forgot to pray too, the god he forgot care about. The Forgotten God he found in the mirror was his reflection, himself.

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