My Scarlet Letter : My Ebony Letter

I didn’t get this scarlet letter from committing adultery in a harsh society. I didn’t get this scarlet letter for committing a sin in a strict Christian society. To be honest, this scarlet letter is not even an “A” that I wear. My scarlet letter is my pigment that I wear. The sin I committed, still trying to figure that one out. My scarlet letter doesn’t burn like a red inferno, but is as black as the darkest heart. Excluded from society and resources much like Hester Prynne, made to feel shame  for this letter. The only difference, I can’t rip this letter of my chest when I overcome the harshness of my so called sin. So I embrace my scarlet letter, my ebony letter. I embrace my ebony letter because it is not a curse but something to take pride in. Though society says my ebony letter is meant to represent negativity, I became deaf to society’s words when I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw. I saw myself, I saw beauty, I saw my beautiful ebony letter. When I learned to love my ebony letter I gained the greatest love of all, self love.

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