To Those Black Pastors Who Met With Donald Trump

On Monday in New York City several black pastors met with Donald Trump to talk about political issues. Well from what I hear not much political issues effecting black people came up in the meeting, just a lot of “love”. Yes you read that one right. To me the whole 2 hour meeting was a big waste time. 


All of these black pastors are a joke to me. You meet with a white supremacists who hates black people to attempt to talk politics.  These pastors are nothing but coons. But this is nothing new, most politicians go to the black church to talk to the black community. Well, the church doesn’t represent the black community, so if you want to talk to black people come talk to us. Oh wait I forgot, you don’t want to talk to us, you just want a photo-opt, and say you spoke to black people. Keep expecting this to happen, politicians going to the conn ass black church, and purposely avoiding actual black people outside the damn church.

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