Enter My Prison

Enter my prison, trapped inside these walls 14 hours a day. These prison bars I’m behind, the worst punishment one could imagine. Solitary confinement is the only option when I’m awake. My only escape from this prison, when I close these eyes. Sometimes I have dreams, but when I open these eyes, back to my hell I go. Trapped thoughts, dreams, and trapped my life is, behind these walls. Enter my prison, my posion, my hell, my life, my mind. My only escape is sleep, and the cousin of sleep, death, looks like a good option right now. The only inmate behind these prison bars is myself. The prison, my own mind.

3 thoughts on “Enter My Prison

    1. Very much a metaphor, Amra. But also some in prison are also trapped inside of their mind, while also being trapped in prison. So the way the piece is interperted is up to the reader. Glad you enjoyed it, Amra!

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