Black Lives Matter Protester Attacked, By Trump Supporters

Over the weekend at a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama a Black Lives Matter protester was attacked. While walking through the crowd the man began to protest the rally by chanting “black lives matter.” After making his way threw the crowd the man was then attacked, punched, and kicked while being on the ground. 


Let’s just start by saying this, that man and woman who were on the video assaulting that protester should be under the jail. They had no reason to attack that Black Lives Matter protester. But wait I forgot this was a Donald Trump rally, Trump is a white supremacist & hates black people, and this was in Alabama. So in their mind they did have a reason to attack the protester. Now let’s deal with this part, this protester shouldn’t have went into that rally alone. He should’ve had a group that would’ve responded correctly by beating that white man & woman ass. This man should’ve had a deep clique going to into white supremacist enemy territory. That white woman and men need to be arrested, there’s no excuse the assault is on video.

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