Adam Lives In Theory : Perpetually Confused

“What we gonna do now?” This question perpetually running through his mind. Lost between the lines of fantasy and reality. Unable to tell the difference, he falls victim to the vices of life. Walking through the streets of life, acting as if he’s got it all figure out. His actual ignorance disguised by superfical degrees and intelligence. Everyone else is just as lost as him, but he’s blind to this fact due to his vain personality. “What we gonna say now?” This question stays trapped in the prison of his mind because the fear of being the only lost one is too harsh of a reality. But there are many alike him, who are lost. His thoughts and feelings of confusion never escape the asylum of his mind and never enter the arms of society. He himself, his thoughts, and his feelings continue to live in theory. Adam continues to live theory, perpetually confused. Continuing to live in theory, never breathing the oxygen of life. Failing to express his ignorance and possible solutions to mankind. His ignorance and possible solutions only live in theory, inside his brain. While he lives in theory, in reality he’s perpetually confused. His fear of expressing his confusion keeps him in theory and the door of reality locked shut. His decision to live in theory creates an endless cycle of perpetual confusion in mankind, the same confusion he feared to express.

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