Dear, Miss America Part IV : Dr. King Didn’t Die In ’63

Dear, Miss America

I refuse to accept how you have tarnished the message and image of Dr. King. Transformed his legacy to your “turn the other cheek” submissive negro. Oh how you forget the final years of his life. After his 1963 “I Have A Dream Speech”, Dr. King’s words had already been misquoted by endless loop of the same words. You never tried to understand the speech in its whole context, you only heard parts of the speech, the parts that could fit your image of Dr. King. Dr. King didn’t die in 1963, he died April 4, 1968. He died in 1968 by the bullet of you and your government. But why would you kill the great Dr. King? Maybe because he was against the Vietnam War and spoke about black group economics. Several years after Dr. King was laid to rest he suddenly turned to white america’s favorite black leader. But in the last years of his life King was kept under surveillance by your F.B.I. and hated by your government. “Be more like Dr. King” is what you tell us, well didn’t you know Dr. King supported reparations. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t die in 1963, but I think you know that because you did murder him in cold blood.

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