Floyd Took It Easy On Rousey

Floyd Mayweather has responded to the Ronda Rousey loss to Holly Holm on Saturday. In my opinion, Floyd went easy on Rousey when commenting on her loss. When taking into account Rousey’s unneccesary and arrogant attacks on Floyd this year. I think Floyd should’ve went a little harder and attacked Rousey because she did talk trash about him, and said she could beat Floyd when she got knocked the hell out by a female, Holly Holm. But, Floyd decided to take the moral high groung on this account. 



I can’t lie, I enjoyed seeing Rousey getting knocked out. The next white female hope has fallen. The arrogant, racist “white hope” has fallen. Hilarious! I just can’t get enough of those highlights. Really don’t care for Rousey or her health to be totally honest. But after this complete domination by Holm, the dumb idea of Rousey beating up Floyd can be put to rest. 


Floyd took it easy on Rousey, he could’ve embaressed her even more. But I think Rousey got embaressed enough when she got dominated by Holly Holm on Saturday. Let this be a lesson, karma is a… bitch, & when you talk trash about Mayweather bad things happen. Hilarious!

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