Gods Of Egypt : Can’t Hide Your Racism

The posters for the upcoming movie, Gods Of Egypt were released and the director and filmmaker just couldn’t hide their racism. The movie depicts the ancient Egyptians as white men. This is not the first time the Egyptians have been depicted as white. Last year the movie, Exodus : Gods and Kings also did the same. 


As you could expect, Twitter accordingly responded to the bullshit of this movie. 


The director and casting manager did a horrible job of hiding their racism. Turning the Egyptians white, atleast try something original. This was just done last year with Exodus : Gods and Kings. The defense for the racism is that the movie is “fantasy epic”, what a way to cover your racism. The only reason that Gods Of Egypt is a “fantasy epic” so the director and filmmaker can say “it’s not racist, the movie is a fantasy epic.” Let me close by saying, fuck the filmmaker, director, and any actor that is in this movie. And if you’re going to make a racist movie try to be more original, white Egyptians, done before. 

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