Walk Through My Life : It Was Written

Take a walk through my life. The history of my neighborhood, well It Was Written in streets where the bodies lie. I’ve lost so many friends. These blocks that I walk everyday will make best friends become strangers. I try to stay away from the Street Dreams that the hustlers constantly chase from dust until dawn. Those street dreams never enticed me because they always are short term achievements. But it’s a strong temptation, so who am I to disagree with the people that fall victim to the strong temptation that I can barely resist myself. A 7 inched, 4 pound plain gun gives power to men. A power to which is invisible to them inside of this disenfranchised cocoon, disguised as a neighborhood. Not much trust breathes on the street corners & revenge and money is Taken In Blood. Much like my father, my mother is lost. A Black Girl Lost, lost in the pain of trying to raise me with help of my father, in this neighborhood that we all regrettably call home. A Black Girl Lost, lost wanting more from a college degree after returning home from a useless days work. Laying in the bed stuggling to sleep, I dream If I Ruled The World. Just Imagine That the things I would do. Clean up my neighborhood thus ending cycles of violence and generational hopelessness.

This short story was inspired by the themes & lyrics of “It Was Written” by Nas.

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