This Is What Happens… When You Stand Up

After the University of Missouri football team stood up and made the university pay (almost literally) for racism, expected retaliation has arrived. White supremacists have made threats to black people and the HBCU, Howard University. 


This punk white supremacists obviously sent out the letter anonymously. This person made threats to the university, black people, and closed it with “after all is not murder if they’re black.” Yes this is what these people think. 


Racists and white supremacists are not taking the “loss” at University of Missouri very lightly. They’re angry and they’re willing to take lives over it. This is what happens when you stand up to racism. You get threatened for your saftey and your life. When you hit people in their pockets this is what happens. This person should be put under the jail for making terroristic threats. It’s so ironic that this anonymous punk said that all black people do is cause trouble, when you’re making terroristic threats to a whole university. Well, welcome to the mind of a white supremacists. Don’t try to understand their thoughts, because they don’t make sense anyway.

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