A White Dr. King?

A black director in Ohio, at Kent State University has decided to cast a white actor as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in an upcoming production play. The director Michael Oatman made the decision about a white Dr. King in the play, “The Mountaintop.” The drama play debuted in September and protrayes Dr. King on the eve of his assassination.

The decision by Oatman has met resistence by the author of the play, “The Mountaintop.” 


To the people saying “certain superheros have become black” stop! It’s not the same & here’s why. 


First, you’re comparing a fictional superhero to a histotical figure. It simply doesn’t compare, it’s not the same. With superheros, their race is not a big part of their character, they just happen to be white, black, hispanic ect. If Dr. King was white what the hell justice would he fighting for during the Civil Rights era. Dr. King being black has everything to do with his life, he was treated less human because he was black. To protray Dr. King as white is offensive, stop trying to turn King’s legacy to a white man. The media has already twisted Dr. King’s message enough. Inventions and ideas were stolen from black people in the past by white people, so this should come as no surprise. If Dr. King was white, he would’ve had nothing to fight for. Him being black has everything to do with his legacy.

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