Black Football Players Boycott Team 

Jonathan Butler, a black graduate student at the University of Missouri is in the middle of a hunger strike. His mission is to get university president Tim Wolfe removed from his position. Black students feel that Wolfe has failed to address racial problems on campus. Last month an act of vandalism targeted towards black people was reported and a swastika was also found in a dormitory.


Lead by stat running back Russell Hansbrough, other black players on the football team have decided to boycott any team activities until Wolfe is removed from office. A tweet was out on Saturday tell the public of the decision that the players have made. 



The students were smart to boycott the football team because it will cost the university money. Let this be a lesson if you mess with the money of people, that’s the only way you can change things in this country. These football players had the balls to do what the black L.A. Clippers players didn’t, boycott the team. When the Donald Sterling’s phone call leaked, L.A. Clippers players and coaches said that they will continue to play for the championship. Instead they should’ve said “fuck that championship, I have self respect.” These black football players on the other hand obviously have more self repsect shown by their boycott. 


Early today, the university president Tim Wolfe announced that has resigned amidst the tension on campus. Although this is  positive, I bet that Tim Wolfe will find another position and he’ll let racism run unchallenged again.

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