Attacked At Applebee’s

Asma Mohammed Jama needed 17 stitches on her lip, eyelid, and nose after being hit across the face with a beer mug. Jodie Marie Burchard-Risch felt insulted by Jama speaking to her own family in her native language of Swahili. Risch then proceeded to attack her with a beer mug and a brawl then occurred. 


Hate crime charges are being considered by prosecutors, and Risch was charged with third degree assault. The Council of American-Islamic Realtions were not satisfied with the degree of charges against Risch. 


This is not the first time violent Risch has attacked someone, she was convicted in 2011 of assault. Notice how the mainstream media ignored this incident, not wanting to taint the image of the “angel white woman.” Let this show a point that white women are the biggest actors or purveyors of racism. And Mrs. Risch you want to cry in your mug shot, bitch you know what you did! Save your dumbass tears. Risch could’ve killed  Jama if she was hit in the neck area by the beer mug. Hate crime charges should be brought up against Risch and the third degree assault charges should be increased. Jodie Marie Buchard-Risch needs to be placed in prison for many years for this violent and racist attack.

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