Chi-Raq : It’s Going To Have A Message

Yesterday the trailer for the upcoming Spike Lee Joint, Chi-Raq was released. Much to my pleasure, the trailer gives great insight of Spike’s interpretation of the condition of Chicago. Actors like Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Cannon, and Angela Bassett appeared in the trailer. 


The trailer shows the situation in Chicago, with Samuel L. Jackson as the narrator. The cast of women plan to make the men put the guns down by keeping something that the men love, sex. From the trailer, Spike will put forth his real take of “Chi-Raq” and ways to stop the violence. 


This movie will have a strong mesage much like Spike’s previous films. Watching this trailer gave me a Do The Right Thing and School Daze type of feel. So when this movie comes out December 4th, go see it! A Spike Lee Joint with a strong message, I doubt you’ll regret spending the money. Support  a great filmmaker! I expect Chi-Raq to be a great film with Lee at the helm of this project.

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