Chance The Rapper : At The Top Of Music

After recording his debut project during a suspension from high school, Chancelor Bennett used two avenues to noticed, local gatherings and the internet. Chance went to open mics and went to local radio stations to get his name known on a local level. To get noticed country and world wide his used the internet by releasing his debut project on many mixtape websites. 


On April 3, 2012 Chance released his debut project named 10 Day. This debut project showed that Chance could give a different side to the music coming out of Chicago. Chance showed his many different abilities including a little singing, energetic rapping, great sounding ad-libs. The mixtape became very successful while being downloaded 300,000 times on sites like Datpiff. Some tracks that stood out on the project were Missing You, Nostalgia, Prom Night, and Hey Ma. Songs like Missing You and Nostalgia showed that Chance could sing and rap, and express excellently on topics like death of close friend and reminiscing about his childhood. On tracks like Prom Night and Hey Ma, Chance showed off his singing skills while explaining his dream prom night and his relationship with his mother. 10 Day previewed Chance’s potential that he would absolutely capitalized on with his 2nd project. 


The next year in April 2013, Chance released his 2nd project Acid Rap to much acclaim. On Acid Rap he mastered his craft of music even more and better production was present on the project. Chance gave his listeners more of a balance of rapping and singing within the 13 tracks on Acid Rap. More features were present with Chicago artists like No Name Gypsy, Vic Mensa, and Twista, but also went outside of Chicago with Childish Gambino and Ab-Soul. Chance crafted a more upbeat project compared to 10 Day, that kept his fans dancing while listening to tracks like Juice, Favorite Song, and Chain Smoker. 


After the release and success of Acid Rap, Chance decided to work more with his band than to release a third solo project consecutively. The Social Experiment consists of Chance The Rapper, Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale, and Donnie Trumpet. The band began to build more chemistry and showed with releases of songs like Home Studio, Wonderful Everyday : Arthur, and Sunday Candy. After building chemistry and recording music the band kept fans waiting for the album, Surf. 


The album Surf was officially debut project of Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment and was released as a surprise album on May 28, 2015. Surf was given out for free to fans on a wide scale through iTunes. The album was composed of instruments from the band and Chance extended his vocals through rapping but mostly singing. What’s great about Surf is that it can’t be put into a box because it has several elements of music, that can catch the ear of many different listeners with the variety of songs. 


Recently Chance has been at the top of his game, while enjoying the success of Surf and touring on the Family Matters Tour. In October, Chance released the video for the beautifully sung song Family Matters, inspired by the Kanye song Family Business. The video for Family Matters was to help promote Chance’s current tour of the same name. Later in month of October of 2015, Chance with the help of Saba premiered the track Angels on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. After the amazing performance on the late night show, the song was placed on iTunes for free. Angels is so amazing and shows that Chance has not lost a step in terms of his solo career and should serve as great future for Chance’s third solo project.

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