5,000 People Rioted At Berkeley

On late Saturday night, students at Berkeley started a riot for their right to party on Halloween. The students made a ruckus and destroyed property in the process. With Berkeley having a history of violent rioting this should come as no shock. 


Did you see or hear about this riot all over the news? Did CNN or Fox News question how the parents raised these college students? These people destroyed cars and property, but are they “thugs”? I mean they rioted over their right to party. You just can’t make this crazy, stupid stuff up. 


Only three arrests were made? I’m sure that more arrest could’ve been made. Wait, I almost forgot most of the students rioting were white. 


Glass bottles were thrown into the streets and police cars were hit by objects. But again, were is the outrage? No outcry from O’Reily or Don Lemon. To the people that said “the girl should’ve respected the authority of Ben Fields.” Well the students should’ve respected the property and the authority of the police. 


In April when black people so called “rioted” in Baltimore, if watched the news you thought the whole city was going to burn down. But students at Berkeley riot, and it’s “no big deal” I guess.

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