The Red, White, & Blue House : The Tour

“Welcome to the tour of this beautiful house. The most beautiful house in the world.” The tour guide said, with such excitement that it injected the croud of people with much interest. “There many different rooms in the house so we won’t go through all of them. But I hope that this tour will be very helpful and informational. I hope you enjoy this as much as I will.”

The tour guide showed the visitors to the first room, where a family of four live very comfortably. “The Adams’ own the best and most expensive room in the house.” “How did they gain the money to aquire this room? One visitor asked. “Mr. Adams’ father built a business and he has control of the family business now.” The tour guide explained to the visitor. 

As the group made there way to the second room on the tour, the tour guide began to explain the room to the visitors. “The Johnsons live in this room, one of the worst rooms in the house.” “Why is this room one of the worst rooms in this house?” One visitor asked. “Because the Johnsons are poor they don’t own a business, they’re worthless!” The tour guide told the visitor.

A very intelligent visitor added a much question, that was left out by the tour guide. “Were the Johnsons taught to build their own family business, like the Adams family?” The tour guide responded with a shallow answer. “No they were not taught, they’re worthless.

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