It Was 2003, Now It’s 2015! Dumbass Do The Math!

Last week the media started to discuss a video of Bill Cosby and Sofia Vergara. The video is from 2003, when Cosby filled in for David Letterman on the late night show. Now, why would the media start discussing a video from 2003 when it’s 2015? It’s simple because it is a mission to destroy the image and legacy of Bill Cosby. It’s not like the video was locked under complete secrecy, and it’s 2015, the video is 12 years old. These people are just bringing up old stuff that was present in 2003. Why didn’t you discuss this video in 2003? It’s 2015 dumbass, do the math!

Carly Ledbetter, how is Cosby “disgraced”? “Disgraced” for what? He’s been “accused of drugging and sexually assaulting dozens of women.” Most of the women are white, and many of the women have sketchy histories. Some of these women’s stories don’t add up and many of the women have been discredited.

The schools and former allies that cut ties just showed that don’t and never did care about him. Cosby was a token. The schools showed that they just wanted Cosby’s money, when he donated to their school. Just as the schools have taken away the honorary degrees, Cosby should take back the money that he donated. “While some co-stars have come forward to talk about uncomfortable encounters”, you’re talking about coon ass Kennan Thompson. The same Kennan that did the Cosby skit on SNL, when Eddie Murphy refused to do it. All Kennan said was that Cosby told him that women would be after Kennan now that he is well known to the public. Stop trying to criminalize everything Cosby did in the past. 


Again stop with the mis-information. Cosby didn’t admit to drugging any women. He admitted to purchasing drugs to take himself, to have sex with women. It’s a big difference. But I guess you don’t care? I mean “dozens” of white women have already declared Cosby guilty. Even though there has been zero type of evidence.

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