F*ck Your Symbolism

After much protest from a N.A.A.C.P. chapter, the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) has decided to remove the Mississippi state flag from the university. The state flag was removed because it has the Confederate battle flag within’ its design. The Confederate battle emblem has been present on the Mississippi state flag since 1894.


Let’s just start off by saying this, Chris McDaniel fuck you! “Coddling” what feelings? You have a flag of white supremacy flying over your university. “Perpetually offended” more like continuously oppressed you idiot. If you don’t fly a flag of white supremacy, maybe people won’t be so “offended”. Mr. McDaniel with all due disrespect fuck your state flag.


So even the damn governor of Mississippi is agreeing with State Senator McDaniel that the state flag shouldn’t have been removed from the university.

Let’s no get too excited at this symbolic victory. The same thing was done in July, days after several black Christians were murdered in a church by Dylan Roof. After much protest the Confederate battle was removed from the South Carolina Capitol building. What has changed since? On Monday in South Carolina, “Sheriff” Ben Fields viciously man-handled a young black teenager and handcuffed her.

Fuck your symbolism and your state flag! Take down the state flag, along with the system.

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