Monday all over social media the video of a sheriff deputy man handling a young teenager girl out of her desk at Spring Valley High School in South Carolina. The video was short but showed Deputy Ben Fields yanking a young black girl afterwards he dragged her several feet until she was handcuffed.

This video is absolutely ridiculous because this female teenager was handled like a grown man. National Organization of Women, where are you at? This should be a lesson to black women that the feminist movement is and never was for you, black were used as a tool in the late 60’s. President Obama where are you at? 

Deputy Fields has been known to be violent and has a history of assaulting including 2 cases.

Fields is currently facing a lawsuit in federal court by a student at Spring Valley High School. The student, Ashton James Reese is suing Fields in claims that his civil rights were violated.  


In a second lawsuit Fields was again was sued for violating the rights of a another man. The man, Carlos Martin was said to gesture a greeting to Fields and the siuation esculated from there.

It’s clear that Deputy Field is a very violent that doesn’t know how to control his authority. 

Check how some Twitter users to the #AssaultAtSpringValleyHigh


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