Stop Going On Fox News

With what is now of the so called news channel, Fox News, I don’t understand why black people continue to appear on the channel. Now Larry Elder I understand because he has self hate issues, but black people should stop appearing on Fox News and the sponsors and advertisers should also be boycotted. The recent dumb antics of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity prove this point.

Responding to the news that the Democratic National Committee would allow the activist group Black Lives Matter to hold a town hall meeting with candidates. Hannity attacked guest Juan Williams for not agreeing with him in believing that Black Lives Matter is equivalent to the Klu Klux Klan. The racist mind of Hannity sees Black Lives Matter as a hate group. When in reality they’re the complete opposite. Black Lives Matter has never burned down houses and whole towns, burned crosses, or hung people from trees but somehow they’re the Klu Klux Klan. The ironic thing of it all is that Hannity wouldn’t probably mind the Klan having a meeting with presidential candidates.

Bill O’Reilly just couldn’t help himself but to compare Black Lives Matter to the Black Panther Party. “They both believe America is a racist country where police actively target blacks for oppression.” This man is completely stupid, uh yeah America is a racist country and police do target black people for oppression. What trouble is Black Lives Matter causing?


The guest on O’Reilly’s show Keith Boykin stated that the group Black Lives Matter didn’t agree with the video that surfaced calling for dead cops.When Boykin refused to agree with O’Reilly’s point his microphone was cut off. Bill couldn’t this black man stand up to him on national television so he cut his mic off.

Stop going on Fox News! It’s pretty obvious that everybody that work for that “news?” channel is racist. Any black person with sense should stay a million miles away from Fox News. This channel needs to be shut down for their racist hate and their advertisers and sponsors should also be boycotted. Save your time and leave the token black person spot on Fox News to people like Jesse Lee Peterson and Larry Elder.

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