This week the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII absolutely took over the Twitter world. The hashtag was started by racist Twitter users who felt that the main character of “their” movie shouldn’t be black.

John Boyega is casted to play the role of Finn in the upcoming installment of Star Wars. The racists lost their already diseased minds, but this shouldn’t be shocking to anyone. Racist who watch their beloved fictional movies and read comics want those characters and superheroes to stay white. In reality these white supremacists and racists have absolutely no heros so they worship fictional characters. This character and hero worship can be added to the long list of sicknesses that racists have. 


This Twitter believes that the upcoming Star Wars movie is “anti-white propaganda promoting white genocide.” Somebody please save this lost soul, “anti-white propaganda” you make me laugh so hard. I mean, how can take anyone with a mind like this seriously? People like this are a joke.

Hey @genophilia instead of botcotting the new Star Wars movie, how about you do everybody a favor & boycott society and go live in a cave somewhere. It’ll make life easier and Twitter less hostile.

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