6 Churches In 10 Days & You Forgive!

Over the past 1o days, 6 predominantly black churches have been set on fire in St. Louis. All 6 of the churches were set on fire in the same manner. The fires began at the door and then moved on to damage the rest of the church.

This is not the 1st time this year a number of black churches have been put up in flames. Over the Summer a slew of black churches in the south were burned to the ground. Those churches were burned in succession and in a week’s time, much the churches in St. Louis. 


David Triggs doesn’t “know if there’s race barrier to this”, but we can use common sense here. Six different churches burned in the same city in a mater of ten days. There is a race barrier to this, Triggs use common sense. Triggs you’ll address this through prayer, WOW! How much of a slave are you? I mean your church has just burned, you refuse to think it involves race and you’re going to pray. The white Jesus you worship has completely turned you into Christian worshipping slave Mr. Triggs. 


No, No this is not a damn “spiritual battle” somebody just burned down your church. God is not allowing this to bring people closer together, somebody burned down your church. “The arsonist, he’s not my enemy. I forgave him the moment I pulled up to the burning church.” Mr. Triggs you remind me of those family members who “forgave” Dylan Roof days after he murdered their loved ones. Mr. Triggs what the hell religion is this? You don’t forgive an arsonist the moment you pull up to the burning church. STOP praying to your white Jesus and STOP acting like a damn slave.

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