The Power Of The Price Tag

How much does it count? I mean you’ll pay whatever the amount. To look good for people who don’t have a care about you. They would choose the clothes you have on, over you and your existence. How have we become this materialistic? Is it really that serious? When you die they’ll put you in a suit & tie and your family will cry you goodbye.

You’ll pay $200 for a pair of Jordan shoes. But what’s the difference between Jordan’s and Puma’s? The price tag is the answer. A price tag is control for the producer & the consumer is a voluntary robot. A voluntary robot to buy an over priced product. What does the over priced product give the voluntary robotic consumer? Status? Compliments? Status and compliments can’t be passed down to your family, so what the hell does an over priced product give you?

As long as you continue to buy unnecessary over priced products, the producers will continue to have undeserved power. But how undeserved is their power? I mean you buy the damn product. The power of the price tag is real. It’s somewhat undeserved, but well used by the producers. The consumers have the power but they don’t even realize it themselves, or at least not enough people realize it.

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