Malcolm Jamal Warner : I Totally Agree

During an interview Malcolm Jamal Warner, who played Theo on “The Cosby Show” was asked about the Cosby rape allegations. He responded by saying he thinks that the allegations have tarnished the legacy of the show. Warner also shared his thoughts on the larger impact of the allegations in terms of black people on television. 


Warner expressed that “The Cosby Show” was always a show to hold up against “negative stereotypes of people of color. Warner in his own words I think expressed the impact & importance of “The Cosby Show” had during it’s 8 year television run and now over 30 years after it’s premeire. He said that the fact that the legacy of the show is now tarnished is the thing that “sadness” him the most. Warner also predicted that “in a few generations the Huxtables will have been just a fairy tale.”

I totally agree with Warner. Bill Cosby is literally being destroyed because of allegations from white women and a couple of coon ass black women. These allegations are at the root of white supremacy and racism. Why is Bill Cosby guilty? Why is he guilty without any sort of evidence? It’s simple because those white women said so. Along with white media. To most people, just because those women & media said Cosby is guilty, “it must be true.” But wait, some of the same people who are destroying Cosby were cheering when he was giving his “tough love” talk years ago. You only bring that up to try to get black people to go along with you in your destruction of Cosby. How dumb do you think people are? I’ve seen this situation before. A black man being destroyed for being accussed of raping white women.

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