Mr. Obama It Didn’t Happen Here, Slavery Did!

Last week news broke that Obama and his administration are awarding  Holocaust survivors with $2.5 million over the next 5 years. Over the next 5 years the total will come to $12 million. The money will be given to Holocaust survivors and those survivors who are poor. These reparations are apart of an initiative to address survivors of the Holocaust living in the United States, launched by Vice President Joe Biden. 


This comes as no suprise to me, Obama said he opposes reparations for blacks who are decendants of slaves as does Biden. Their opposition to reparations for black people does not suprise me at all. I mean Obama did grow up around his white mother and grandparents, not his dad or black people. This man has no connection to the pain & history of black people. When addressing black people he lectures black people or he panders to black women so they will vote for Mrs. Clinton. I mean he will sing in churches and quote Dr. King every once in a while. But Obama, Dr. King was for repartions so stop quoting Dr. King to fit your damn agenda. Mr. Obama has went right along with the media to destroy the legacy of Dr. King and his real thoughts, towards the end of his life. Mr. Obama you have abosolutely no connection to us Black Americans other than your skin. As Wright said last week you’re a “Halfrican-American” president.

This is hypocrisy at it’s finest in this situation. Both Obama and Biden oppose reparations for black people but will give reparations to damn old people for something that didn’t happen here. The Holocaust happened in Germany, not America but I guess Obama and Biden forgot. Wait, no they didn’t forget they just don’t care. I except nothing less from a white Vice President & a “Halfrican-American” president.

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