Power : Because I Said So!

Do you remember when you were a kid, and one of you parents told you to clean your room? Some you probally asked why & they told you “because I said so!” That might not seem like much of an answer but that was the answer they gave you. They have the power to give the “because I said so” answer. They’re the parent & you’re the child, they have the power. My definition of power is “because I said so!” A person with power can define the reality of who they control, & if any questions are asked, the answer is “because I said so!” 

Many people might have different interpretations of power, but this is my point of view. My definition of power is probally not in the dictionary but I think it’s accurate enough. Let’s look at some situations of the “because I said so” mentality.

If someone asked a dictator why the country was going to war. What do you think is answer would be? If a slave dared to ask the overseer why they had to work the fields. What do you think his answer would be? If you asked your parents why you had to clean your room. What do you think their answer would be?

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