J. Cole – 3 Wishes (Song Review)

To build anticipation for his 2nd studio album, J. Cole started the Truly Yours EP series. On April 30, 2013 J. Cole released Truly Yours 2. In the second installment of the series comes the song, 3 Wishes. The song shows that J. Cole is one of the greatest stroytellers this generation has ever seen. Throughout the song Cole shares his 3 wishes he would use if he had a genie.

1st Wish

“Your mama loved me to death, she reminded of Afeni. Yeah a real black queen. If I had a genie. I wish that she ain’t struggle no more.” Cole expresses that he wishes that his best friend’s mother wasn’t so poor because she loves Cole so much. She reminds him of Afeni Shakur, a reference to the 2Pac song Dear Mama. If they had more money Cole’s best friend and his mother wouldn’t “have to go to sleep with all the roaches” if they were not so poor.

2nd Wish

“You told me when you came to my house, this shit was like a timeout from reality.” Cole’s best friend says that his situation was not healthy & when he stayed at his house it was an escape from reality. “One night you ask me what I’m crying about, cuz you was staying over for the weekend. I woke up out my sleep, when I heard mama and my stepfather beefing. I don’t know if he had been drinking.” When Cole’s bestfriend was staying at his house, Cole heard his mother & his stepfather fighting. Cole also implies that his stepfather was a heavy drinker that led to him being violent. “My tears is tumbling now, I wish that you never saw. Cuz I felt like a coward so powerless I was only 12. I wish I would’ve bust through that door my fuckin self & grab the glock right off the shelf. If nothing else scared a brother shitless, there’s goes 2 of my wishes.” Cole was crying while his mother was being abused & felt embarrassed that his friend saw him crying. His second wish is that he should’ve grab a gun & pull it on his stepfather, to stop him from abusing his mother. He would not have shot him, Cole wanted to scare his stepfather into submission.

3rd Wish

“Fast foward to our older years two different paths. You used to talk to me about college but that shit didn’t last. Waste of potential getting money, what could I say? So tired of not having things you never see it my way.” As Cole and his friend grew older they traveled two different paths in life. Cole’s friend was tired of being broke, so he couldn’t see himslef going to college like Cole. “Your demise, one day much to my suprise my brother called me & told me you just caught a body twice your size. I asked if it was self defense he said it was defense of pride.” Cole got a call & heard his friend killed someone in defense of pride. He also learns that his friend might get ten but if he’s lucky he still get 5 years in prison. “The news call him a killer, but he my brother. Sad shit. Ay yo genie last wish free my brother.”

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