Dear, Miss America Part II : Check Your D.N.A.

Dear, Miss America

Check your D.N.A. because you’re land of the free & the home of the brave, or so you claim to be. You incarcerate more black men than South Africa did at the height of apartheid. But still your the land of the free. How? Please check your D.N.A. We lay in the street due to bullets from police officers (race soldiers) who are a leg of the government. But still home of the brave? In 1921, Little Africa bombed because a lie of rape, but still no reparations. Pay what you owe. In 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. killed with the help of the government, but still home of the brave. Cops that beat Rodney King no jail time, and George Zimmerman still walking around. Yeah the Zimmerman that became an honorary white once he killed a 17 year kid. Check Your D.N.A. You call the president black or bi-racial depending on the situation. Your actions fail to suprise me anymore. But the fact that your actions and words contradict each other should suprise me. But again you fail to shock me in all that you do. How many more generations have to deal with your diseased D.N.A.? Miss America I don’t hate you or love you, because you never liked me to begin with.

Sincerely, A 2nd Class Citizen

Inspired by Life, History, and “Institutionalized” – Kendrick Lamar

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