Richard Sherman : Another 40 Million Dollar Slave

On Wednesday, at a press conference Richard Sherman addressed the rumors that he was connected to a blog post discussing Black Lives Matter. Sherman denied his connection to the article and said that he disagreed with the blog post implying to target police. 


Okay Richard, first off since your the spokesman for the black community now, not every black person grew up in the hood. But I think you forgot where you came from Richard. So your best friend being killed by two 35 year old black men means that Black Lives Matter shouldn’t exsist? Black Lives Matter shouldn’t challenege the actions of police officers because your best friend died? What kind of logic do you have? Wait I forgot you’re a 40 million dollar slave, and your job is to coon for the league. 


“Before we move foward and start pointing fingers and start attacking other people.” Richard you say pointing fingers like we’re not suppose to call out the police who shoot us dead in the street. “As long as we have black on black crime.” Really Richard Sherman have you been hanging around Larry Elder, Charles Barkley, or Stephen A. Smith a little too much? Richard I have one question. What the hell is “black on black crime”? You know intra-racial crime is normal right? When whites lives near other whites they committ crimes towards other whites. Intra-racial crime is normal, you’ll never stop so called “black on black crime” just like you’ll never stop “white on white crime.” But Richard why don’t you ever say “white on white crime”, “latino on latino crime”, or “gay on gay crime.” But you’re a bought & paid 40 million dollar slave and coon so your words don’t suprise me at all.


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