Melissa Joan Hart…. Disappointed?

Early in the morning on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, 39 year old actress Melissa Joan Hart posted to Twitter. She explained that was disappointed in the lack of media coverage by news channels like CNN & Fox News on the anniversary of the attacks. 

 In her next tweet Hart explained that she felt “discouraged” with the lack of news coverage because her children needed to know about the importance of 9/11 and how that changed lives. 

 In her next series of tweets Hart brought into the conversation, of all people the Kardashians. Melissa felt that if the Kardashians can get “covered 24/7” by the media then why couldn’t the media dedicate one moment to a day in history that “changed our path”. 

 In her last series of tweets Hart suggested that she never meant to “have the attention” turn on her and that she was “merely venting”. 

Now Melissa why would you be so disappointed in channels like CNN and Fox News? Like Fox News with Bill O’Reily & Megyn Kelly? Like CNN with Wolf Blitzer & Dom Lemon? Oh wait, I almost forgot you’re a Republican. 

  Now it makes sense why you would want you & your children to watch CNN & Fox News and depend on them for news coverage. It also makes sense that you bring the Kardashians into your “venting” on Twitter. The Kardashians are more famous than you right? Most of the Kardashians are with black men right? And Melissa you’re a Republican right? Hart you said, “my children need to know that this day changed our lives” well Mrs. Hart why don’t sit your children down & tell them about 9/11 yourself and stop depending on CNN & Fox News.


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