#ADifferentWorld : The Impact & Importance

If you have ever watched “A Different World”, then how could forget the classic theme song. http://youtu.be/eXaz7cLkWtw.             “It’s a different world than where you come from.”

Every young black boy or girl that watched A Different World in the late 80’s and early 90’s wanted to attend the fictional Hillman College. To meet Dwyane Wayne who got a perfect score on his math SAT, Whitley Gilbert if you could stand her strong southern accent, or the always socially involved Freddie Brooks. The cast of the show fit together perfectly and developed great chemistry on camera as the show continued.

A Different World didn’t shy away from political and social issues that effected black people during it’s run on NBC. The show during many episodes focused on apartheid in South Africa, HIV/AIDS, and the ideas of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. During a season two episode the main focus was date rape where Freddie was almost a victim and had to be saved by Dwyane from danger. Other important episodes focused on the Persian Gulf War, Shahrazad Ali’s book, the “mammy” image, domestic violence, sexual harassment at work, the L.A. Riots, and racism.

The impact of A Different World is felt by those who watched the show and were inspired by the show. A Different World showcased an all black cast that attended a HBCU. The show put forth positive images of black men & women in college while focusing on social and political issues. A Different World influenced young black boys, girls, and teenagers to attend college and HBCU’s.

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